„Junge Slavistik im Dialog“ (conference)

"Junge Slavistik im Dialog"
International conference

This annual conference – named “Slavistische Studentenkonferenz“ at first – takes place in our Department of Slavonic Studies since 2005/06 (winter semester). It is aimed at students who would like to present and discuss their scientific findings in the field of Slavonic Linguistics and Literary Studies to and with other linguists.


The presentations of the conference no. IV, V and VI were published by the organisers of the conference in an anthology named "Junge Slavistik im Dialog". Further information about these anthologies can be found on the following pages:

"Junge Slavistik im Dialog" (Slavistische Studentenkonferenz IV, January 2009),

"Junge Slavistik im Dialog II" (Slavistische Studentenkonferenz V, January 2010),

"Junge Slavistik im Dialog III" (Slavistische Studentenkonferenz VI, January 2011).