Template for papers: Declaration of Originality

As a general rule for all papers written, the last page has to include a statement in which you confirm with your signature that your paper was written independently, and that no other materials as the mentioned sources and accessories were used. A template of this declaration in German can be found here.


How to hand in your papers

General rules for submitting your papers (deadlines etc.) can be found here: How to hand in papers.


Examination regulations

Further information regarding examination regulations for dual-subject Bachelor's programmes and dual-subject Master's programmes can be found here: http://www.gempruefamt.uni-kiel.de


Examination regulations for Bachelor's and Master's programmes


Please follow this link for further information regarding examination regulations: examination regulations. It contains regulations for the following programmes: Polish Philology (B.A.), Russian Philology (B.A.), Czech Philology (B.A.), Russian (M.Ed.), Comparative Slavonic Studies (M.A.), and Intercultural Studies: Poles and Germans in Europe (M.A.), dual-subject Bachelor's and Master's programmes.