Studying abroad

Recommendations for studying abroad

We advise all students to study abroad for at least one semester. As a student of Slavonic Studies, it is recommended to explore Poland, Russia or the Czech Republic not only in theory but also in real life. In addition to gaining language skills and social competences, having spent time abroad can be very useful for your professional career as well.


Recommended time-slot

For our study programmes in Polish, Russian, and Czech, it is recommended to spend the 4th semester studying at one of our twin universities in Poland (Poznaň), Russia (Irkutsk), Estonia (Tartu) or in the Czech Republic (Brno). When you return, credit points collected during your stay abroad will be considered valid if the courses you visited abroad are roughly corresponding to courses listed in our study plans.


Further information

Further information on our twin universities, as well as experiences shared by others can be found here: international relations. Attending information events carried out regularly by the International Centre of our university is strongly recommended. Specific dates for upcoming information events can be found on the website of our International Centre.